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Monday, May 20, 2013

Adoption Ethics

Today Jen Hatmaker has Pt 2 of a series on ethics in adoption. She makes many valid points, some of which I would like to highlight here because they are *all* issues I ran into during my first adoption from Serbia, which are no longer an issue!!!  Please  take a trip over to Jen's blog and have yourself a read. 

 Can we see a copy of a recent audited financial statement? Annual report? 

When you ask questions, do you feel shut down, disrespected, bullied, or discouraged? I asked my agency hard questions and got pages and pages of immediate, thorough responses. If you are discouraged from talking to other families, researching, asking difficult questions, or investigating, RUN.

Are other adoptive families with concerns are painted as lunatics or troublemakers?

Does correspondence lean too heavily on emotional propaganda and "rescue" rhetoric, as opposed to professionalism and an obvious commitment to best practices?

An agency that claims to have special connections or processes in country.

If you hear the word “expedited,” run for the hills. That is not a thing. That is corruption.

Payments without receipts (common in Eastern European adoptions).

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