If you're interested in learning how the Serbian adoption process works, you've come to the right place. There is currently only ONE U.S adoption agency approved to provide adoption services in Serbia.

***It is a violation of Serbian law to have orphaned Serbian children photo listed on public websites. Any agency or organization doing so is in violation of Serbian law and should be avoided***

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Serbia Continues to Move Forward

Since 2007 Serbia has been under a mandate to empty all the institutions in the country. Their priority, in this order, is to get kids  1) reunited with birth families 2) placed with domestic adoptive families 3) Placed with Serbian foster families 4) International adoptive families. International adoption is the exception to the rule in Serbia.

There are approximately 500-600 Serbian families waiting to adopt healthy infants. Because Serbia has a negative birth rate, healthy infants are not available for international adoption.

In Serbia, a child can be located in a facility on the other side of the country from where their Center is located, it is possible the Center has not had contact with a child for many years. Recently all the Centers for Social Care (which are like the U.S. county level) have been notified and directed to go through the records of all children they service. There are many children in the country who are eligible for adoption (either domestically or internationally) who have never actually been registered.

In June and July there were many children added to the registry, and in September and October more will be added. Those children already added include those with Down syndrome, older (healthy) children, Roma children, and children with developmental difficulties. For those who have asked, so far there are no children who hare HIV+, but this could change in the fall when the registry will be updated again.

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